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OPPEIN founded in 1994, has become to the leading cabinets manufacturer in China and the largest one in Asia. With 300,000 square meters manufacture center that houses advanced production equipment(HOMAG® from Germany). Specializing on the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and other home furniture. We have 17 years experience in cabinetry industry, more than 200,000 sets of kitchen cabinets, 150,000 wardrobes and 100,000 bathroom cabinets turn out by Oppein in every year. Until now 6000 peoples working in OPPEIN group.  Furthermore, we have 2000 dealers in CHINA market and 63 dealers in the oversea market. Meanwhile, we put the TV advertising in CCTV and PHENIX TV in every year.
All of our products raw material meets in E1 standard. Our machine using HOMAG which is the best brand name from Germany, and we also build the long term cooperation with Hettich in Germany, Blum in Austria which are the most famous company in the world for the hardware. Our products are popular in the market, and the quality can be afforded the testing.

Nearly 2000 OPPEIN franchised shops spread over 600 domestic cities, bringing our brand with enduring vigor. In addition, our products are popular in more than 89 countries and regions as below. More and more oversea users are enjoying the elegant life brought by Oppein. We are now looking for qualified oversea dealers to join our business, and sincerely invite you to visit our company and our kitchen manufacture center. If you are interested in this line of business, don’t hesitate to
contact us!

Mongolia, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Guam. Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, Pakistan, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Iran, Azerbaijan, Brunei, Jordan, Australia, New Zealand.

Asia OPPEIN Sites

OPPEIN Bahrain Site Bahrain (Arabic) OPPEIN Brunei Site Brunei (English) OPPEIN China Site China (Chinese) OPPEIN India Site India (English) OPPEIN Indonesia Site Indonesia (English) OPPEIN Iraq Site Iraq (Arabic)
OPPEIN Malaysia Site Malaysia (English) OPPEIN Oman Site Oman (Arabic) OPPEIN Philippines Site Philippines (English) OPPEIN Qatar Site Qatar (Arabic) OPPEIN Saudi Arabia Site Saudi Arabia (Arabic) OPPEIN Syrian Site Syrian (Arabic)
OPPEIN Singapore Site Singapore (English) OPPEIN Thailand Site Thailand (English) OPPEIN Vietnam Site Vietnam (English) OPPEIN Israel Site Israel (Arabic) OPPEIN United Arab Emirates Site UAE (Arabic)  

South Africa, Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zambia, Namibia, Angola, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Congo, Benin, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania

Africa & Europe OPPEIN Sites

OPPEIN Angola Site Angola (English) OPPEIN Egypt Site Egypt (English) OPPEIN Kenya Site Kenya (English) OPPEIN Nigeria Site Nigeria (English) OPPEIN Rwanda Site Rwanda (English) OPPEIN United Kingdom Site UK (English)
OPPEIN Russia Site Russia (Russian) OPPEIN Zambia Site Zambia (English)  OPPEIN Tanzania Site Tanzania (English OPPEIN United Kingdom Site UK (English)  

Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Dominica, Haiti, Antilles, Venezuela, Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Columbia, Panama

Americas & Pacific OPPEIN Sites

OPPEIN Australia Site Australia (English) OPPEIN Australia Site Tasmania, Australia (English) OPPEIN Canada Site Canada (English) OPPEIN Mexico Site Mexico (English) OPPEIN New Zealand Site New Zealand (English) OPPEIN United States Site USA (English)

France, Russia, UK, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus, Norway, Saint Martin


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